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June 7, 2014

How to Listen with Our Tongues

Language is embedded in our bodies, circulating & skeletal; at the same time, language(s) enter us from the outside constantly. How does cross-language work help us to hear differently in our own language? Where is listening a form of speech? How is writing a tool for opening up new and revolutionary approaches to language, and hence to thought, imagination, action, and justice?

Photography by Syd London

Antena Aire (formerly called Antena) was a language justice and language experimentation collaborative by Jen/Eleana Hofer and JD Pluecker, both of whom are writers, artists, literary translators, bookmakers and activist interpreters. From 2010-2020, Antena Aire used on-the-ground practices building equitable communication as a generative strategies for making artistic works.

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