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June 30, 2013

...featuring collaboration fishbowls

Anne Carson delivers a paper about Gordon Matta-Clark in the front parlor, while Robert Currie builds and rebuilds a small structure with dowelings. Meanwhile, graduate students working together under the name Ebauché offer various diversion and activities in every other room of the house.

Anne Carson CM is a Canadian poet, essayist, translator, classicist, and professor. Trained at the University of Toronto, Carson has taught classics, comparative literature, and creative writing at universities across the United States and Canada since 1979, including McGill, Michigan, NYU, and Princeton.

Robert Currie achieved a First Class BA (Hons) in Design & Art Direction in Manchester, he then completed his MA at the Royal College of Art in 2000. In the same year he was selected for New Contemporaries by Jeremy Deller, Gavin Turk and Sarah Kent and privately commissioned by Sotheby's to produce a site-specific installation for their atrium which was on display for 3 months. Since 2001, he has been represented by a number of international galleries, including Van der Grinten (Cologne), Blancpain Art Contemporain (Switzerland), Gimpel-Müller (Paris) and Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery (New York) in a series of international solo and group exhibitions, installations and commissioned works. Many of his works are also located in a number of high-profile global collections.

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