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June 24-25, 2017

TestOURmonia Is of the Great Turning

The Testourmonials Project is a series of guided and self-led activities on the walls of #11, Nolan Park, geared to encourage discussion, organization, and mobilized actions for the sake of housing and social justice. The Testourmonials Project provides platforms for attendants to feel empowered to offer community-led solutions; testify experiences; provide insight; share knowledge; and present information on ongoing projects that combat negative effects of gentrification and racist/classist/culturally-negligent New York City planning. The Testourmonials Project aims to empower the hidden and inspire support for all peoples afflicted by gentrification and mobility against oppressive forces working to erase the legacy of Black & Brown communities who gardened the streets and culture of this ever-gentrifying New York City.

Photography by 

Anthony Rosado is an interdisciplinary historian, cultural curator, and memory worker who debunks Eurocentric anthropology of the African diaspora through writing, painting, choreography, and creative education. He/they/she has produced public art salons at Make The Road NY, May Day Space, Starr Bar, Brooklyn Fire Proof, Rush Arts Philanthropic, David & Schweitzer, and Five Myles Gallery. S/he developed and facilitated Afrocentric curriculum for Urban Arts Partnership, Girls INC, and Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy.  Rosado co-authored Making History Bushwick with Arts in Bushwick. S/he has written sociocultural essays published by Medium, Cultural Weekly, Posture Magazine, The Tenth Magazine, and Imagining: A Gibney Journal. Rosado produced “ARCANUM,” the Queer|Art 2020 exhibition, featuring ancestral art s/he co-assembled with Visual AIDS, The LGBT Community Center, and the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. S/he curated the June 2021 web gallery for Visual AIDS, titled "Re-HomeComing." Rosado is an active member of Visual AIDS's Archive Committee and the Artistic Director of Trinity Arts Alumni Network. S/he is a 2021 Afro-Caribbean Art curatorial fellow with the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute. In 2023, s/he will receive a Masters Degree in American Studies from her/his alma mater, Trinity College, with a graduate certificate in Museums and Communities. From published words to curated experiences, her purpose remains to disperse intersectional storytelling methodology.

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