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June 18, 2017


Through the use of existing onomatopoeia and the creation of invented ones, this workshop and seeks at temporarily freeing people’s expressions through an installation where they can sound, write and embody the such expressions, mumblings, roarings, to name a few. Kaboom is inspired by children’s first steps in sound spelling, and shaped by the current climate of gradual polarization of society.

Photography by Stephanie Orentas

Laia Sole Coromina is artist, researcher and educator. She has developed a body of work centered on spatiality which she likes to approach and respond to with a wide range of materials, processes, and actions that are always site and/or time-specific. She believes that the spatial dimensions of our lives are central in the experience of contemporary time, and simultaneously they are an opportunity to reflect, imagine and act upon our realities. Some of Sole Coromina works have been exhibited at Cuchifritos Gallery (NYC, 2018, 2016), Fabra i Coats (Barcelona, 2016), The Drawing Center (NYC, 2015), Fundació Chirivella-Soriano (València, 2015), among others. She graduated in Fine Arts at Universitat de Barcelona (2000) with a major on space, and at Teachers College, Columbia University (NYC, 2018) with a doctoral thesis on play within socially engaged art practices. She has been resident artist at LABMIS (Laboratorio Museu da Imagem e do Som) in Sao Paulo (Brazil), at Fondazione Pistoletto (Italy), among others. She is currently professor and director of the department of Arts & Science Teaching at Universitat de Vic (UVIC-UCC). She is involved in research on creative processes.

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