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June 19, 2016

Commemorating Memory

Why do certain memories always rise to surface while others become buried deep within our psyches? Collective Unconscious explores the binary between positive and negative memories, aiming to understand both physically, spiritually, and quite literally, why certain memories seem to be engraved in our DNA.

Photography by Stephanie Orentas

Collective Unconscious is a group of female artists who have come together to engage in revisiting past memories to understand how they affect and form our current reality and beyond. We met in one of Alexandra Chasin's classes at Eugene Lang College here in NYC and have joined forces to enlighten those willing to delve into our psyches to attempt to recognize why some memories linger while others tend to fade. Through experimentation, curiosity, and self-awareness, we begin our journey into the psyche at the Writing On It All house. We invite both our global and local community to participate in a conversation about the kinks and crannies of the mind as we reopen memories from the past in hopes to construct a narrative between the self and the psyche. Time to wake up and smell the roses you forgot you encountered seven years ago today.

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