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June 7, 2015

The Art of Gentrification

A conversation with Noella Calero, Allison Davis, Sarah Schulman and Suketu Mehta, about the interplay between artistic creation and gentrification in a changing New York. How does the erosion of free or cheap space in which to live and create affect the content and quality of artistic creation? Who gets to create and who is their audience? What responsibilities do artists have to the communities in which they live and what roles can they play in supporting these communities? These questions and more will be explored in collaboration with the audience. Moderated by DW Gibson and facilitated by Joshua Furst and the Kristiania Writers Collective

Photography by Stephanie Orentas

Kristiania is a loose collective of writers who have come together to encourage each other’s work and put the means of production back in the hands of the people who write the books. The group will publish and support the creation of writing that does not conform to the commercial expectations of the contemporary publishing industry. Though our personal aesthetic visions may differ, we are united in our belief that art plays an urgent and central role in challenging cultural and political assumptions and molding that which makes us human.

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