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June 22, 2013

Out of Regiment, a Project in Personal Mapping

Writer Wendy S. Walters uses cut stencils, projected words, and painted frames on walls to feature questions of home: Who protects us? What does it means to “harbor”? What ambitions are resolved by the idea of destination? Calling attention to the particulars of the site, Walters engages participants in creating maps of safe spaces, using key concepts associated with the history of Governor’s Island: isolation, defense, harbor, fortress, and sea.

Wendy S. Walters' current projects address class and racial disquietude in the industrial Midwest; intersections between writing and design; climate change and its reverberations; and organic forms in the essay. She is a 2020 Creative Capital Awardee in literary nonfiction and the author of a book of prose, Multiply/Divide: On the American Real and Surreal (Sarabande Books, 2015), named a best book of the year by Buzzfeed, Flavorwire, Literary Hub, The Root, Huffington Post, and others. She is also the author of two books of poems, Troy, Michigan (Futurepoem, 2014) and Longer I Wait, More You Love Me. Her work has been published in BOMB, The Yale Review, The Iowa Review, Lapham’s Quarterly, Full Bleed, and Harper’s among many others.

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